Who do we serve

The Training Center’s platform is designed in such a way to serve elected and appointed political officials and civil servants in Kosovo municipalities to be provided with information and materials on the various capacity development measures offered by the Center. The pillars of our platform are the thematic modules, which you can also follow by following the asynchronous online trainings divided into three sessions per module. In such trainings (known in English as self-paced trainings), you are the one who determines the pace of learning. The Training Center platform also provides information on our trainers, while making the monthly training calendar accessible. The AKM Training Center organizes trainings and other forms of capacity development based on the requirements of three primary and one secondary target groups. The primary target groups are the local elected and appointed officials in municipalities, i.e.
  1. Mayors, Deputy Mayors and their cabinet staff;
  2. Directors of municipal departments;
  3. Municipal Assembly Members.
Civil Servants, who are employed in the various departments of the municipalities, are the secondary target group; they consist of a total of approximately 6,000 persons (excluding teachers, hospital staff, etc.). To this secondary target group, training is provided only on demand and in close coordination with designated training providers for local level officials in Kosovo.