The Association of Kosovo Municipalities (AKM) has been established in 2001 after the first democratic municipal elections after the war in Kosovo.
Establishment of the Association of Kosovo Municipalities relies on Section 10 of European Charter for Local Autonomy of Council of Europe (the right to association). The AKM is non-profitable organization with judicial personality representing the general interest of its members-local authorities. Members of Association are local authorities in Kosovo.

Local authorities adhere to Association from Association

Assembly after the decision is taken in Municipal Assembly. AKM is committed that in Kosovo to implement the rules from the European Charter for Local Self-Government.


The Mission of the Association of Kosovo Municipalities is to create efficient, sustainable and democratic local government through high quality performance in providing service according to needs of its citizens.


„create efficient, sustainable and democratic local government”.


Improvement of legislative structures of self-government and practical efficiency and their implementation;
Stimulating decentralization of power through practical support and co-participating on equal basis, between central and local authorities;
Expanding public support on local democracy that includes citizens and business community and increasing the trust in self organization and their readiness to take part in local government;
Increasing the number of competencies, knowledge and municipal capacities to ensure high and effective quality in local services;
Finding alternative financial sources for municipalities;
Demonstration that Kosovo Municipalities are equal and competitive partners with local authorities in Europe and throughout the world;
Support in development of Association in accordance with different circles within and outside the country.