By: Genc Namani

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The Collegium of Legal Officials reviewed the legal acts which are in the process of being drafted.
Regarding the Concept Document for the Law on Local Elections, it was mainly discussed about specific points that will be policies that are being implemented and that are proposed to be changed, but trying to argue with a legal basis.

– The election of the Mayor of the Municipality, Balloting, the mandate of the Deputy Mayor of the Municipality in cases where the position of the mayor remains vacant, the right to vote for the residents of Kosovo who live outside the territory of Kosovo, should the list bearers also pass the party’s votes, the replacement of members of the Municipal Assembly, the incorporation of the Law on Gender Equality into the Law on Elections, 50% to 50% representation.

As for the Draft Law on the Administration of Residential Buildings in Co-Ownership, the points related to the issue of property and obligations that the municipality has regarding the administration of housing in co-ownership were discussed.

From the legal point of view, it was said that public property cannot be alienated and the articles that provide for the registration of properties around buildings in the name of co-owners should be analyzed very well.

It was recommended that a joint workshop be organized between the two Collegiums of AKM, the Collegium of Planning and Urbanism and the Collegium of Legal Officers, with the aim that one collegium analyzes the draft law in terms of planning and the other in legal terms.

In conclusion, it was agreed that together all the municipalities will follow the process of legal acts until finalization and prepare for their implementation in practice.