By: Genc Namani

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Under the organization of the Association of Kosovo Municipalities, the Mayors held a virtual meeting through electronic communications with the Prime Minister of the Republic of Kosovo Mr Avdullah Hoti.

The topic of this meeting was the new measures of the Government and the cooperation with the local level for addressing and implementing the measures in the battle for the prevention of further spread of Covid-19 Pandemic.

The meeting was opened by the Acting President of the Association of Kosovo Municipalities, Mr Xhafer Gashi, who thanked Prime Minister Hoti for his willingness to talk to the Mayors and in general for the coordination between central and local governance in the joint battle against Covid-19 Pandemic.

The Prime Minister Mr Avdullah Hoti in this meeting in front of the Mayors said that due to the identified increase of cases with this virus we have been forced to take some measures to prevent further spread. We have based this decision on the assessment of health experts and holders of health institutions in Kosovo.

We want to work closely with Mayors in order to be together in this battle and thus preserve the health of our citizens.

We will soon sign the Memorandum between the Government of Kosovo, the World Health Organization and the European Commission for the implementation of their anti-Covid-19 protocol. Also, through the Ministry of Finance we have allocated 9.2 million euros for the Action Plan of the National Institute of Public Health and the Ministry of Health, then we have ordered 100 thousand virological tests, 500 thousand vaccines for seasonal flu and 20 thousand specific therapies according to European Commission recommendations for those affected by Covid-19.

We will also try to test the samples in order to have an even more realistic situation of the infected at the national level.
On the other hand, we will strengthen the Situation Centre and I ask the Municipalities to also make the Municipal Emergency Headquarters operational so that the vertical cooperation is daily in this situation.

We will engage sanitary inspectors in municipalities at the request of the Association of Kosovo Municipalities and through a circular letter we will inform you about the procedures.

In implementing the measures we will add fines for physical and legal persons who do not comply with the health guidelines of the National Institute of Public Health. Regional hospitals will help increase capacity to accommodate those infected with Coronavirus, said Prime Minister Hoti.
The Prime Minister of Kosovo at the end of the meeting promised the Mayors that for any decision he will take, which will have an impact on the municipalities at the same time, he will consult with the Mayors.

The mayors meanwhile in a conversation with the Prime Minister Hoti reflected the current situation in the municipalities and addressed the challenges and needs of the Municipalities in this joint institutional battle against Covid-19.
The Mayors unanimously supported the Government’s measures and pledged mutual cooperation and strict implementation of the recommendations and measures of the health and central institutions.