By: Genc Namani

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At the invitation of the Minister of Health, Mr Armend Zemaj, the Council of Mayors gathered in an afternoon meeting to debate the current situation with Pandemic Covid-19.
The meeting was attended by the Mayors of Kosovo, the Minister of Health Mr Armend Zemaj, and the Director of the National Institute of Public Health (NIPH) Mr Naser Ramadani, the Head of Sanitary Inspectorate and the Head of Food Inspectorate.

In his introductory speech, the Minister of Health, Mr Armend Zemaj, said “that this is our inter-institutional meeting to continue the joint battle against Pandemic Covid-19. Now that we have eased the measures, we still have to be vigilant and on top of the task as before. After the health workers and security institutions, the mayors with the Emergency Municipal Headquarters have been on the front line and it is worth welcoming their commitment and self-sacrifice in this battle to prevent the spread of this pandemic”.

Minister Zemaj also spoke in front of the mayors about the commitments of the Ministry at this stage and expressed full readiness for cooperation and coordination with the Mayors in their challenges and needs at all times.

In his speech, the Vice President of the Association of Kosovo Municipalities Mr Xhafer Gashi said that “on behalf of the Association of Kosovo Municipalities, I thank you for this meeting and for the opportunity of inter-institutional cooperation in the joint battle against Covid-19 Pandemic”.
The municipalities of Kosovo in the period of more than two months, during the battle against this pandemic, have undertaken many activities in order to prevent it and make it easier to defeat it.
In this regard, we have cooperated very closely with most of the mechanisms of central institutions, starting from the rigorous implementation of measures taken from the central level to the laying of requirements and recommendations for more efficiency in this regard.

The challenges of the Municipalities in this situation have been very different. But together I believe we have overpassed most of them successfully and efficiently. We hope that this will be the case in the final stages of this pandemic.

On the other hand, recent cases suggest that we should be vigilant and active in the future. But this cannot be done without close cooperation with the municipalities of Kosovo with an emphasis on Mayors and Emergency Municipal Headquarters.

The practical implementation of the measures and activities of the central institutions in this battle is done in the municipalities, close to the citizens. Therefore, if we want to be efficient in this situation, coordination and cooperation should be on daily basis, assessing more carefully the needs, requirements and suggestions of local government in Kosovo.

The Association of Kosovo Municipalities is the main link in the communication of central institutions with local ones, and as so far, the AKM will be available to support and assist in the fight against the spread of Covid-19.
Here we have the Mayors where you can debate topics that concern us as a local government in order to be more efficient and closer to citizens’ needs in this situation of the pandemic”.
Whereas the Director of NIPH, Mr Naser Ramadani, thanked the Mayors for their cooperation and readiness for substantive coordination with NIPH at this time of pandemic. We have worked together according to the Preparedness Plan and this trend of cooperation should continue in the future.
Director Ramadani informed in detail the Mayors of the current situation in Kosovo with the pandemic Covid-19 and shared with them the idea and initiative to conclude this battle as quickly and efficiently as possible.

In this meeting, the Mayors debated in detail the forms and ways of cooperation and coordination in all aspects in the future in this battle.

(Extended report from this meeting will be published in the next AKM Bulletin)