One of the forms of capacity development that the Training Center offers to Kosovo municipalities is learning from good practices.

Organizing a study visit is one of the best forms to learn from best practices as it is an experience where a lot is learned, an opportunity to present current achievements and good practices, providing new incentives for development, finding partners for further cooperation and increase staff motivation.

It is important that the study visit is organized so that everyone benefits to the maximum.

There should be a constant exchange of experiences and ideas between the participants, which means the visitors and the host party.

In cases of request from municipalities and in cooperation with donors, the Association of Kosovo Municipalities creates a team responsible for organizing the visit, with an individual designated as the contact person, from both sides, visitors and the host party.

The appropriate host should be identified and should be willing to welcome visitors. The study visits organized by the AKM Training Center have clear objectives and specifics which are clear on how the lesson will be applied, including some follow-up mechanisms.

In this section we will provide you with more information on learning from the good practices that municipalities have during bilateral meetings between themselves and study visits to regional and European municipalities.

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