Peer-to-Peer exchange

The exchange of knowledge between collaborators, as a practice and collaborative learning, brings together representatives from the same sector (eg local government), with similar professional backgrounds and similar challenges, to share knowledge and experiences with each other e.g. the aim to improve the provision of utilities.

Groups of collaborators can meet at regular times and in these ‘virtual’ meetings meet those who work in similar fields and are open to providing support to each other. The composition of the group (e.g. selection of suitable collaborators) and the orientation of the solution are extremely important as well as the design with collaborators in the center and co-development methods.

Peer-to-peer exchange occurs in most of the activities organized by the Training Center for locally elected and appointed officials in Kosovo municipalities. This learning method for adults is also used in the meetings of the Collegia of the Association.

In this section we will keep you informed on the main peer-to-peer exchange activities on topics relevant to local governments.