By: Genc Namani

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In a conference organized today, “Let’s Do It Kosova” marked the ending of the campaign which started on September 15, 2018.The aim of this conference was to present the achievements during the campaign as well as to announce the winning municipalities. The conference was attended by the Prime Minister of Kosovo, Mr. Ramush Haradinaj, the Minister of Environment and Spatial Planning, Mr. Fatmir Matoshi, Municipal Mayors, ministers involved in the National Task Force as well as the actors who contributed to the campaign “Let’s Do It Kosova”.
The President of the Association of Kosovo Municipalities, Mr.Agim Veliu, took the floor and emphasized that Kosovo Municipalities as an important actor of the campaign “Let’s Do It Kosova” contributed and will continue to contribute in the future without any reluctance. The role of the Municipalities is to develop the relationship between citizens and institutions. Therefore, during these months, Mayors were the leaders of this national action, with the sole purpose to create a clean, sustainable and viable environment for our citizens.
In addition, president Veliu stated that, Mayors and other local leaders appreciated such an action since it defines our overall goal, which is to provide better living conditions for citizens all over Kosova. Meanwhile, this action also creates an environment to tackle future investments in our municipalities, especially international ones. This gives us the opportunity to demonstrate that not only do we want to enhance economic development, but we also know how to keep clean our environment. Apart from the elimination of waste, this action helped municipalities to identify areas where we can create new green parks, thus present a beautiful landscape of Kosova. However, this does not depend only in our citizens and their awareness regarding this issue, but it depends also from municipal and government investments made in this field.
Furthermore, municipalities were engaged not only to eliminate waste and clean the environment, but also to raise awareness on the negative effects that a polluted environment can cause to our children’s life.
We are aware that Kosovo Municipalities, especially local governance as well as other operational mechanisms should engage more in the process of cleaning, and therefore keep our Kosovo clean as well.
The Association of Kosovo Municipalities has requested several times to initiate the process of waste recycling at the national level. Recycling method is seen as an immediate action that Kosovo needs to adopt, whereas on the other hand, burial method of waste is no longer a method used by the European countries. We believe that only in this way can we show that we can be a country that everyone wants to live and invest in. Investing in a clean environment enhances economic development as well as it provides a sustainable life for our citizens- said among other things AKM President, Mr.Agim Veliu.